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The process is as follows:
1. The raw sewage is channelled to a submerged tank where non-biodegradable products are
separated. (Old septic tanks can be retrofitted for this process).
2. The sewage is then pumped into the first reactor tank which contains bacteria growing on
media and where the nitrification takes part.
3. From the first nitrification reactor tank, the sewage is gravity fed in to the second reactor tank
where de-nitrification occurs, also with bacteria reaction.
4. Then the pre-treated effluent is gravity fed into the cone-shaped clarification tank where any
solids that escape the first 2 tanks are collected and sent back to the second stage of the
collection tank to start the process again.
5. From the clarification tank, the now clean and treated water overflows into the last tank where
sterilisation occurs using ozone or Ultra violet.
6. In the sterilisation tank is a submersible pump which will automatically pump the treated water
to irrigate, to enter game watering holes, etc.


The biological treatment technology operates as follows:
When air is introduced (aerobic), the organic material and nutrients are removed from the wastewater
flowing past the attached bacteria growth on the biofilm. Nitrifying bacteria colonies are
grown on a submersed fixed film media where they feed on organic nutrients (sewage), removing
nitrogen from waste-water. The bacteria convert ammonia nitrogen into nitrate nitrogen which is a
more stable end product.
When oxygen is introduced at the correct levels into the treatment tank (bioreactor), it encourages
and promotes bacteria growth, resulting in the reduction of Chemical Oxygen
Demand (COD) levels. This then triggers the two-step biological process (nitrification and denitrification),
controlling the nitrates and ammonia levels, ultimately rendering the water safe for
Matured bacteria die and the system collects the dead cells from the media and recycles them
back into the first tank to be retreated. The result is ZERO SLUDGE generation.
The clear water can then be sterilised by means of an ozone or ultraviolet technology, where after
the treated effluent is ready for discharge, either by means of irrigation, or

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